Friday, March 11, 2011

Susie Moore; 109 Years Young, Oldest Memorial Service I've Done

Some funeral services are very hard for me to do.  The death of a child, gang related killing or even a suicide when someone just feels life is not worth living.  We are affected by those who loose their life to illness or unexpected accidents and we feel there was so much potential life left to live and it causes us a lot of grief and pain in their passing.  I have been told that even in these situations the releasing of white doves help them in this grieving process, and gives them a sense of peace.

Last Monday I was at a funeral and was asked who was the oldest individual that I had the opportunity of doing a dove release for?  The answer to that question is Susie Moore who lived to be 109 years old.  I got to be thinking how different the world was since her birth of 1901 and of the things that she had experienced.

I want to thank Xenia Ware  and the James H. Hunt Funeral Home for allowing me to be involved in the celebration of Susie Moore's life in the releasing of doves at her memorial service.  We released 4 doves at the Jersey Shore Convalescent Center located at 2050 sixth ave, Neptune city NJ.  I released three doves first, representing the Trinity and Xenia released the fourth dove representing the spirit of Susie.  Those who were there I believe experienced a tremendous sense of peace and comfort knowing Susie was at a better place.

I would like to end with this poem.

"Little Dove"

On the wings of this white dove
I'll set your spirit free.
Up into the big deep sky,
to heaven, where you'll be.
I know God has a plan for us,
he wants us by his side.
But it is hard for us to understand
when we are left behind.
Little dove, help lift our hearts
as we watch you go,
God is there if we just ask,
because He loves us so.

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