Monday, February 28, 2011

Doves vs Butterflies: Bliss Weddings Post made in 2002

Questions and interest continue to be made in regards to the decision if one should use doves or butterflies in their wedding ceremonies. Since  I raise doves (white homing pigeons) I have a bias in the release of doves.  Using a professional dove handler the birds are trained and managed in a way to guarantee the highest safety of their return home. The handler can work with your photographer to capture those special moments on film and can work with your wedding coordinator to personalise your release.  I found this old post and I thought I would put it on my blog to encourage dialogue. Please check it out.

If you have had butterflies at your wedding, or you are researching the use of butterflies for an event please share that information with us.  Maybe you raise butterflies or know someone who does, I'm sure butterflies are handled differently since 2002 would like to post that information.  If you have any questions about our birds email us at  or check out our site at

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