Monday, December 27, 2010

Doves for Weddings

 The release of doves for events such as weddings has been done for centuries.  These beautiful white birds symbolize Love, Peace, Joy, and the Promise of New Beginnings..............

For the past two years we have done a variety of releases for weddings ranging from the most formal to the very casual garden weddings.  In fact I invite you to go to my web site and view our photo gallery to see some of the pictures   Most typically a bride and groom will release a single bird from a heart shaped basket where the two birds will fly off together symbolizing the union of the couple and there journey together.  As seen in the above picture.  But what can also be done can be a single basket held together with two birds jointly released by the couple or even released by hand.

In some weddings as the bride and groom leave the church and as they release their birds multiple baskets of birds can be released for a dramatic effect.  To see the birds circle above and fly as a group is a site to behold.

White doves can also be released on behalf of those who have died.  I have seen it done in garden weddings rather than lighting a candle releasing several birds in memory of loved ones which was quite moving.  The releasing of doves makes the service memorable and lights up the faces of those who are participating.


If you are thinking about a release for your wedding, take out a minute to view this short video.  Watching this you will get a feel for what a dove release is all about, and if you live in NJ, Philadelphia Area, or  the NYC area and are looking for a dove handler, please consider our services.  Check out our site  we would like the opportunity of making your wedding day special with our birds.